When we talk about ploughing a field, we’re referencing the act of equally working together in a relationship to get things done. That is what we like to call equally yoked. To be unequally yoked simply means to be connected to someone who can’t help you with ploughing the field. Someone who may not be strong enough to complete the assignment & you end up pulling more weight because your tied with someone who’s unable to help you get the work done.


When you first meet people there are some things that aren’t visible that may be the difference maker in your relationship. Like we’ve all heard, when you first meet someone your not meeting them, your meeting their representative, so there’s some things you should have on your radar while building your relationship.

I’ve studied & learned a lot over the past year or so about this word “Yoked” & since everyone loves the beginning stages of relationships, I want to make you aware of a few ways you can detect being unequally yoked early in the game: 
Anger Management
You never really know someone until you see them angry. Who you see on Valentine’s Day is not who they really are. Wait until they’re disappointed & angry, then you’ll find out who they really are. If your partner likes to fuss, cus, & throw things, but you don’t, you may be living in fear because of it which can cause you to be unequally yoked. 
If you’ve outgrown being out of the house all the time but your with someone who has to go out all of the time, you all are unequally yoked socially. If you like going to bed at 9pm because you have to get up @ 6am, but your partner likes going to bed at 11pm because they wake up at 8am, it may be a problem. If that person feels the need to leave the house because your not at home, you may be unequally yoked socially.
It’s difficult being in a relationship where you have a grind that wakes you up at 5am ready to put that work in & your with someone who over sleeps,  doesn’t mind going in late, & content with whatever level their on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is wrong when you all don’t have the same level of ambition for your careers. People with a grind appreciate people with a grind & it gets difficult because ultimately you’ll start to lose respect for a person who doesn’t work as hard as you.  
It has nothing to do with how much you earn. Where the relationship becomes unequally yoked financially is when your perspective of money is different. For some people money is a toy & for others money is a tool. If money is a tool for you, it’s used to build something. If your with someone who uses money as something to have fun & play with eventually you will realize you guys aren’t yoked together. Your saving while they're spending.
Will you be brutally honest? Are you connected with someone who can’t help you plough the field? Is your partner truly helping you get the assignment done? Are you guys productive or counterproductive for the work God has called you all to do? I’m curious to see if anyone will be honest enough to speak on being equally or unequally yoked. What are your thoughts? The strongest reply will WIN a CASH APP GIVEAWAY.


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  • Shaun (Monday, June 11 18 11:17 pm EDT)

    No, but I’ve definitely been there. I understand that what you connect to usually exists somewhere on the inside of you and I’d rather work on myself so that my husband is a man of vision and direction. But it starts with ME being mentally healthy, physically, spiritually clear etc. and being clear on God’s path for me and being as though Im honestly still not there, for me entertaining a man would be a distraction and a disservice to us both.

  • Nena Ham (Monday, June 11 18 08:42 pm EDT)

    I believe that a relationship is a growing experience. You may not be equally yoked in every area but with work all things are possible. Opposite sometimes is a great thing. It can create balance. I have been with my husband for eighteen years and we have had to grow within in order to grow together. We both are good at different things which helps keep us balanced. Also with the help of God and prayer. We have grown so much together mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe team work makes the dream work. We both have our own businesses that are not in the same field as well as a liking in different hobbies. Example: He is more of a nature person and I’m more of a beach person. So we work at supporting each other’s business and doing what we both like. Which gives us Balance in your business and personal life. Of course it’s Work getting it all done, but it’s all worth it! You have to be willing to to see the pros and cons in your being toked and equally yoked.

    Our motto is keep God first and everything after falls into place.

  • Samantha “iamPhoenixRizing” (Monday, June 11 18 08:23 pm EDT)

    Of the four, I’d say ‘level of ambition’ is the strongest indicator of whether or not one is equally yoked. It actually encompasses all four. If one lacks ambition in a general sense, they wouldn’t be good stewards over their finances, their anger, or their social life.

  • Ikishaedmonds@yahoo.com (Monday, June 11 18 08:09 pm EDT)

    I truly believe that you are blessed to find someone whom your equally compatiable with (equally yoked). In most cases people will differ in more ways then one (opposites atttract) BUT the true test is when your able to bend and conform for your mates comfort. If a person has those qualities that you may not agee with, do you love them enough to do what it takes to make them happy/comfortable. Are you willing to stop buying designer things and spending to ensure that yourself and partner are great for the future? (Example)

  • Kayla (Monday, June 11 18 07:57 pm EDT)

    Yes I will be honest. Yes my partner is truly helping me. When it comes to arguing and stuff dealing with anger and being upset, they handle it very well. They will calm down and say we have to talk and we solve the problems, we have our bad days, but they have never done something that has been disrespectful to me in any way. Me and my partner also always go everywhere together, we have our days where we like our alone time, but we're human. But for the most part when I'm home, they're home. If they go out I usually go with them because we love doing stuff together. And me and my partner are both always motivated, and on our grind. We both have different goals (in our careers) but we've talked it out and planned everything out and we have most stuff figured out, we don't know what the future has for us but we are more focused about what's going on in our lives right now, and are always motivated. We both make sure we bring money to the table. Me and my partner are very productive and we always make sure we keep god in our relationship. I'm not unequally yoked.

  • Kennedy Power (Monday, June 11 18 07:49 pm EDT)

    I spent roughly 8 years being unequally yoked with my children’s other parent. We were like oil & water, two people simply playing a game of tug a war. Of course we loved each other but our souls were not aligned and the friction that we suffered because of it became serious. Certain circumstances made me realize that it wasn’t that we couldn’t be equally yoked but that we was both battling with who we were that was causing us to not appreciate one another. I’m happy to say that we found ourselves and we just recently got married this past May. We are finally ploughing fields and moving in the right direction. Being equally yoked is important and very essential to ones happiness.

  • Audrey (Monday, June 11 18 07:31 pm EDT)

    A relationship will/can last as long as two people want it to. The truth is, there will be times when you function as a cohesive unit and times when you’re don’t; the question is can you survive the ebbs and flows. The keys to longevity in my relationship are as follows: Partnership (we push + pull together)
    Freedom (zero control. we give each other our god given birth right to be who we are without judgment)
    Space (breaks necessary in every relationship and as introverts we both require time alone. The beautiful thing about that is we actually have time to miss each other)
    Respect (the truth as often as possible.)
    Privacy (our relationship is OUR business!)
    Friendship (laugh, love, cry...together. Well the crying is mostly a me thing but you get my point lol)
    Communication (we talk through everything, even the uncomfortable subjects because without an open line...you have nothing)
    Romance (If you’re not hot for your mate, then what’s the point!? Lol)

  • Michelle (Monday, June 11 18 07:24 pm EDT)

    Being unequally yoked is also feeling the toxicity of that person and the toll it takes on you; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. From personal experience, if you’re not comfortable bringing this person around the people who love you most, reconsider. The best part is the lesson(s) on the other side of being unequally yoked. Remembering all that you are and all that you will be, it’s a blessing to fall back in love with yourself.

  • Daniel Upaon (Monday, June 11 18 07:24 pm EDT)

    I be honest I’m not brutally honest but I will say that my partner isn’t doing anything to help me get my assignment done. She done ant care about my goals and what I want to reach at times. I’m so productive with the work that god has calling for me because their is a reason he gave me the talents I have to strive and become great and one day teach others the skills I know. My partner doesn’t get what I get because she doesn’t know what having a goal means, she doesn’t know how to stick with the goal, through thick or thin.



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