The Secret Language of Time
Sneak preview of chapter 4 from the highly anticipated novel, "The University of U."
Getting more time out of the day is KEY but it takes DISCIPLINE. I trained my body to get 4-6 hours of sleep in order for me to get at least 18 hours out of the day. That's 2-4 hours more than the average person. Here's the tricky part.. Learning how to manage the extra time. Time management is important but ineffective for those who fail to map out what's priority. Once you're priorities are in order, time management becomes much easier. Since time is our biggest asset, it would be wise not waste or spend it on things that have nothing to do with our priorities. My 18 hour days are mapped out with nothing but priorities, so hanging out, small talking, watching movies or tv do not fit into my schedule. & neither do the people who engage in such so I'm free from influence. Here's where the discipline kicks in! You need the the discipline to not only stick to you're priorities, but to never FORGET how urgent it is to execute them.
I haven't said anything  you don't already know. The thing is, influence & distractions are at an all time high! So the main tip I would drive is to continuously REMIND yourself of your priorities (sticky papers, calendar notifications, subscribing to UOU).  Keep your mind on "888!" 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, & 8 hours of leisure time. What you do with that leisure time can be something life changing or the very thing that keeps you stuck!
I love you
Your Conscience




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The 21 Irrefutable LAWS OF LEADERSHIP

By; John C. Maxwell



Staying sharp with leadership is CRITICAL! New laws are being updated frequently & Dr. Maxwell continues to introduce them! As he grows, he continues to pour out lessons so lets soak it all up this January! Cant wait to dive into this one! APPRECIATE YOU Miss Clark!!